Due to popular demand, an additional performance of Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro will take place on Sunday 17th June.

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Thank you to all the generous supporters who make our work possible.

Thank you to all the generous supporters who make our work possible.

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The David Ross Foundation
The Whitaker Charitable Trust
Arts Council England Grants for the Arts
KT Wong Foundation
Northamptonshire Community Foundation
Garfield Weston Foundation
Buccleuch Charitable Foundation
Macdonald Buchanan Foundation
Concordia Foundation
David Laing Foundation
Forman Hardy Trust
Vernon Ellis Foundation

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Citi Private Bank
Credit Suisse
Aberdeen Asset Management

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Citi Private Bank
Aberdeen Asset Management
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T Bailey Asset Management
Vranken-Pommery Monopole
Withers LLP

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Ian and Fiona Richards
Ian McAlpine
Jonathan and Fiona Quirk
Lord Catto
Oscar and Margaret Lewsohn
Robert Wilkinson

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Lady Emerald Club

Mrs Rosemary Morris, Mrs Ann Lees, Mr & Mrs Benedict Cadbury, Brian and Catherine Beardsall, Mr Chris and Mrs Jane Lucas, Jonathan and Alexia Quin, Mr John Salmon, Philip and Kate Douglas, Olof Winkler von Stiernhielm, Mrs Maxine and David Padley, Mr James Hanbury, Mrs Gianni and Mr Michael Alen-Buckley, Mr Samuel Lloyd, Mr David and Mrs Mary Laing, Mrs Catherine and Peter Coulson, Mrs Fiona and Mr Ian Richards, Mr Adrian and Janet Spooner, Mr Martin George, Mr Robin and Mrs Sally Bowie, Mrs Janet and Mr Gordon Arthur, Lord & Lady Stevenson, Dame Vivien Duffield, Mr Steven and Mrs Louise Fox, Mrs C Elliot Winter, Mr Danny and Mrs Lillian Wyler

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Mr W Vinke, Mr Ian McAlpine, Mr Robin and Mrs Catherine Murray-Philipson, Sir Edward Garnier, Mr David and Elizabeth Staveley, Mr Keith Hann, Mr and Mrs Mommersteeg, Nicholas and Veronica Ward, Jim and Linda Symington, Mrs Joanna Embling, Mr John David and Mrs Juliana Abell, Lady Caroline and Sir Bruce MacPhail, Mrs Joan Tice, Mr Jonathan Tinsley, Ms Avril Knight, Dr Ffion Davies and Prof Timothy Coats, Mr & Mrs Guy and Charlotte Farmer, The Hon. Mrs Jeryl Wheeler-Bennett, Mrs Veronica and Mr Peter Stephens, Maurice and Vivien Thompson, Mr Nicholas and Mrs Jane Forman Hardy, Mr Nick Townsend, Mrs Beatrice Hollond, Berni and Simon Morray-Jones, Mrs Elisabeth Turnbull, Mr Simon Jones, Mr Adrian and Mrs Anita Bott, Mr James Dunseath and Rt. Hon. Sir Alan Duncan, Mrs Stefa and Mr Tim Hart, Mr Roy Richards, Mr Malcolm Thwaites, Mr Andrew Wallis, Mr Phillip Bland, John Lutzius and Alison Cohen, Mr George and Jane Boden, Mr Peter Boddy

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Mrs Rosamund Anthony, Mr Roger Kipling, Mrs Jane Martin, Mr Mark and Susan Claremont, Mr Mark and Mrs Margaret Charnock, Mr Stefan Marston, Pam and Tim Wood, Mr James Bryan, Mr Harold Killingback, Gillian Osborn, Mr Christopher Williams, Mrs Charlotte Clarke, Mr Stephen and Mrs Vera Taylor, Frances Gaze, Professor and Mrs Ray Linforth, Mr Alastair Macdonald-Buchanan, Rachel and David Cubitt, Miss Ottilie Windsor, Louisa Norrie, Ms Jane Orr, Denis Kenyon, Mrs Felicity and Dr ER Craven, Caroline Lawson-Dick, Mrs Carolyn Peacock, Mr David Hill, Dr & Mrs Mason, Mr & Mrs William Day, Mr Anthony Fraser, Mrs Felicity and Mr Nick Lyons, Mr Charles Boehm, Mr Stewart Oades, Mr James Peschek, Dr Karen Hambleton

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